Wishes for This Year

20152014 was exhausting. I finished up my second year of grad school and on my summer break from classes, we began doing a ton of work on a lovely farmhouse we purchased. This was the first year in a long time I wasn’t able to escape on a proper vacation, but I was lucky enough to spend a few days in beautiful Savannah for work.

I’m so excited for 2015 because I’ll finally be done with grad school! Which means I’ll actually have enough free time to do what I want to do whether that’s working on my house, reading a novel, traveling overseas, or finding new antique shops to peruse. It’ll also be nice not to feel as stressed out anymore!

These are a few of my wishes for 2015:

  • Graduate with my master’s degree
  • Get married
  • Visit Paris
  • Finish the living and dining rooms
  • Redo the front porch
  • Take my grandparents on some fun weekend outings
  • Begin bathroom and laundry room renovations (at least have a plan of attack)
  • Lots and lots of antique shopping
  • Visit the beach

Merry Christmas

It’s hard to believe Christmas is already here! This year is a bit different for me because all of my family activities aren’t until this weekend, so I’m spending the day relaxing with close friends.

I took part in a springtime swap hosted by Dawn from Candidly Clyde earlier this year and it was a lot of fun, so I decided to participate in Dawn’s holiday ornament exchange.

I was partnered with Sarah from Attic Lace which was a big surprise because I’m a huge fan of her blog! Sarah handmade these two beautiful ornaments for me, and they fit my style perfectly!


With finals in full swing, I didn’t have time to hand make anything so I went to my favorite local arts shops to search for the perfect ornament for Sarah. I found it in this lovely slate ornament.


I think Sarah and I made great swap partners because our styles are pretty similar!

Beautiful Savannah

This year of grad school was more crazy and time-consuming than I originally anticipated, so I wasn’t able to check off all the places on this year’s travel wishlist. Thanks to a work conference though, I was recently able to visit a city I have been wanting to see for several years… Savannah, Georgia! It really is lovely, and as a bonus, I also toured Bluffton, South Carolina which is just as beautiful and full of fascinating history.








We were only there for three full days, and that included conference sessions I had to attend. I was really hoping to visit Bonaventure Cemetery and Tybee Island, but I didn’t get the chance. I’ll definitely be returning later for a proper vacation!


Autumn is a time to slow down and notice the beauty of everything around you. A time of reflection, curling up with a book and blanket. Sipping hot cocoa on the porch as the leaves fall.

I look forward to experiencing an autumn like this. Unfortunately, this is not the one. I’m nearing my final year of graduate school, and relaxing is something I desperately miss! Instead of traveling and stopping at cafes and antique stores, or getting work done on the house, I’m reading stacks of assignments and writing paper after paper for my classes (which has to be squeezed into nights and weekends. Oh how I miss lazy weekends!). This semester has hit particularly hard. My countdown to graduation has begun though, and I only have a 170 more days to stick it out :)

I do try to enjoy the season when I can though! Last week was fairly warm so I brought a picnic blanket out to the yard and read my assignments under one of our big maple trees. After a few minutes of getting distracted by the sights around me, I realized I needed to go back inside to fetch my camera!


We even had a very special visitor that day … a bald eagle!oct03b



I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of all. Snapped on my cellphone after hurrying out of the house one morning, this view definitely caused me to slow down and realize how beautiful it is out here.sunrise